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Email marketing is still one of the most cost effective and time efficient ways to engage with educators (both prospects and customers.) Even though educators across America are saturated with promotional emails, they still rank email marketing as one of the primary ways they learn about new products and services.  It is an essential sales and marketing component for most companies trying to sell educational products or educational services.  But in the year 2024 getting promotional emails into educator’s inboxes is no small feat, and it just got a bit harder. 

Starting in February 2024 new Google and Yahoo email standards are going into effect that will absolutely impact your companies educational email promotions. Is your company ready?  Is your company doing all the right things to stay off the “naughty” list this year?  Is your company using all the best email marketing practices and strategies to help ensure your campaigns are firing on all cylinders?

MCH Strategic Data set out to share what we have learned running thousands of campaigns to educators.  As an industry leader we feel strongly that we need to join with schools and districts to help stop the continual cycle of bad actors sending malware, phishing emails and ransomware.  These bad actors are killing the entire industry for all of us. If the thousands of legitimate companies using email marketing responsibly can follow these rules and help teachers, administrators, schools and districts still receive critical and important information on products and services, while also helping to stamp out the bad actors, the market will reward all of us.  Obviously, there will always be the next threat or new exposure that needs to be addressed, but doing what we can to help keep this market vibrant, safe and useful is our mission here.

This website contains a lot of good information that MCH Strategic Data has refined and used for many years.  Below is a list of topic areas available – feel free to jump around and pick and choose the areas you may have more of an interest in.  We have tried to keep the content and necessary expertise level manageable and make sure our recommendations are focused on what we have found to be the most important suggestions.  We plan to add and enhance this material over time – so please give us any feedback or ask any questions.  If you need assistance with our educational marketing campaigns or have further questions feel free to contact us though the means listed here.

The sections are noted below or scroll through the entire site sequentially using the “next” and “prev” navigations provided:

Is your educational product or service company ready
for a new email marketing world?

Insight from Peter Long, CEO

MCH Strategic Data

Email Marketing to

Educators 2024

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